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At Pesawise, we're more than just a name. We're a team of passionate individuals committed to innovation and excellence. Our journey is rooted in a shared vision to make a difference. Learn more about the people and principles that drive us forward.

Our team

At the heart of our operation is a tight-knit team of business enthusiasts and skilled engineers, bound together by a shared passion for the web. With a collective experience of over 40+ years in designing and developing for the online realm, we bring a wealth of skills and expertise to the table.


Zarak Khan



Jamal Khan

CEO / Co-Founder


Qaiser Khan



Dhruv Pandit

Advisory Board


Nick Oigo

Head of Finance


Bonface Njiru



Jihan Imam

Risk Management


Fiona Nyawira



Richard Njoku

Front-end Lead


Samuel Mburu

Back-end Lead


Kabir Khan

Software Engineer


Henry Letting

Software Engineer


Micheal Kamande

Cybersecurity Expert


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Our core values

Team work

Teamwork lies at the heart of our culture and success at Pesawise. We believe in the collective strength that emerges when diverse talents, skills, and perspectives unite towards a common goal. Collaboration isn't just a word; it's a guiding principle embedded in every aspect of our work.


Innovation fuels our DNA at Pesawise. We encourage a mindset that sparks creativity and experimentation. It's about daring to explore uncharted territories, pushing boundaries, and redefining what's possible in the ever-evolving landscape of finance and technology


At Pesawise, respect forms the cornerstone of our interactions. It goes beyond courtesy; it builds trust, fuels collaboration, and nurtures growth within and beyond.


At Pesawise, integrity serves as the bedrock of our values, intertwining with every facet of our operations. It's the compass that steadfastly directs our actions, fostering trust.


At Pesawise, curiosity fuels our pursuit of innovation and knowledge. We embrace a culture where curiosity isn't just encouraged; it's celebrated as a driving force.

The story so far ...

Pesawise traces its origins back to 2015 when the concept took shape during one of the founder's experiences in the UK. Recognizing a notable absence of efficient payment solutions for businesses and individuals in Kenya and Africa, the founders observed the emerging trends of neobanking and modern payment platforms gaining momentum in Europe and the UK. Drawing from their expertise in constructing high-volume, low-latency transactional systems, the idea for Pesawise was conceived with a clear mission: to revolutionize the payment landscape in Kenya. The primary goal was to make payments instantaneous, cost-effective, and inclusive, addressing a critical need in the region.

Since its inception, Pesawise has dynamically evolved, with the initial vision expanding into a growing suite of offerings. The founders' commitment to innovation and addressing the unique challenges of the Kenyan market has led to the continuous enhancement of the platform. Today, Pesawise stands as a testament to its founders' dedication to providing comprehensive, user-centric financial solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals in Kenya. Moreover, Pesawise specializes in cross-border and local payment acceptance and disbursements through a myriad of channels, including cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. This diverse range of payment options further solidifies Pesawise's position as a versatile and accessible financial platform.


Our Milestones

Late 2015


The inception of the Pesawise idea marks the beginning of a vision to address the payment challenges faced by businesses and individuals in Kenya and Africa.


Pesawise takes a significant step forward with its official incorporation as a company, setting the foundation for its journey in the financial technology sector.

Sep, 2020

Jun, 2021


A pivotal moment as Pesawise transitions from a technology consulting firm to a dedicated payment platform, signaling a strategic shift towards providing comprehensive financial solutions.

First Major License

A major milestone is achieved with the acquisition of a license from the Central Bank of Kenya, solidifying Pesawise's status as a regulated and compliant financial service provider.

Sep, 2022

Nov, 2022

Virtual Account Approval

Further expansion of capabilities as Pesawise receives approval from the Central Bank for Virtual Accounts, enhancing its suite of offerings for businesses.


Formal operations kick off in Kenya, marking the commencement of Pesawise's role in processing payments and managing virtual wallets for its growing clientele.

Jan, 2023

Mar, 2023

Card Scheme Approvals

Recognition from global payment leaders as Pesawise secures approval from Visa and Mastercard to process payments, validating its commitment to industry standards.

Initial Growth

A testament to its growing impact, Pesawise celebrates reaching a milestone of serving 50+ clients on its platform, reflecting the trust and adoption by businesses in Kenya.

Jul, 2023